Why Further Education? – Jamie Briggs

Welcome to our spotlight series, where we turn the spotlight on our clients who have chosen a career in further education. In this series, we delve into the personal journeys and professional insights of educators who are passionate about shaping the future through learning.

Each instalment of this series will feature candid interviews with our clients, exploring why they chose a career in further education, what they love most about their role, the most significant challenges they face, and their greatest aspirations.

Join us as we uncover the motivations, aspirations, and challenges that drive these dedicated educators forward in their mission to make a difference in the lives of students and communities alike.

Jamie Briggs – HR Business Partner & Operations Manager at The Trafford & Stockport College Group

What made you choose a career in FE?

Jamie Briggs

A passion for people and a desire to make a positive impact on wellbeing, working with various personalities and talents to foster a positive work environment.

What do you love about your role?

Working in an FE college, I love several aspects of my role:

  • Impact on people – we directly impact the lives of students and colleagues, creating a supportive environment for growth.
  • Professional Development – we can engage in continuous learning and development.
  • Varied responsibilities – the role is diverse, which keeps the work exciting and offers opportunities to develop a wide range of skills.
  • Collaboration – we work closely with various departments, which provides opportunities for collaboration, teamwork, and building strong relationships across the college group.
  • Making a difference – by ensuring the college maintains a positive and inclusive work environment, we contribute to the group’s overall success. Seeing your work’s direct impact on the college community is rewarding.

What can be the biggest challenge?

FE often faces the challenge of managing budgets effectively, whilst trying to meet the needs of the group and it’s employees. This involves allocating resources efficiently, forecasting accurately and ensuring HR initiatives align with the overall financial goals of the group.

What’s your biggest aspiration in your role?

Continuing to contribute to creating a diverse, inclusive and positive work environment where employees feel valued, respected and motivated.

Fun fact about you?

I have two wonderful little girls, and I used to sew all their pretty dresses and clothing!

After a busy week at your college, how do you wind down at the weekend?

A walk with my family in the local countryside!

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