eSafeguarding DBS Checks
Safe, secure and speedy DBS checks


Our DBS screenings ensure the safety of children and vulnerable adults.


Our system offers complete security, safeguarding your people’s information effectively.


Enhanced DBS checks can receive approval in as little as 24 hours.

Online DBS Checks

Through harnessing cutting-edge technology, eSafeguarding transforms the DBS application process, streamlining it and conserving precious time and resources for our clients. Whether you require frequent DBS applications or just one, our tools, in conjunction with our proficient team of DBS specialists, provide an affordable, precise, and compliant solution.

Covering All Areas of DBS Checking

Through eSafeguarding, both clients and candidates can gain access to all the necessary DBS checks, from Volunteer Enhanced DBS Checks, Standard DBS Checks and Enhanced DBS Checks. This makes completing or accessing DBS checks a super easy and accessible task – no more convoluted, longwinded processes – just quick answers for whatever you need!

Ease of Access and Sustainability

Due to everything being in one platform, the application process is expedited, along with the added benefits of accuracy, security, and compliance. Better yet, with everything being hosted online, both businesses and candidates can reduce paper waste and complete applications more sustainability without the need for paper – it’s a win-win!

eSafeguarding Services

The eSafeguarding service dramatically cuts down on processing times. Enhanced Disclosures can be returned in as little as 24 hours, and we complete four out of every five applications within three days.
With data transmitted instantly via our secure web interface, you can rest assured there won’t be concerns about missing mail or delays.
eSafeguarding validates data in real-time, prompting applicants to rectify any invalid information as they input it. This ensures no incomplete fields, errors, or returns.
eSafeguarding eliminates the administrative workload of DBS processing and is accessible from any location with an internet connection. It offers various customisation options to align with your requirements, along with beneficial features like real-time data validation, informative pop-ups, and application tracking.
The eSafeguarding procedure is entirely web-based, eliminating the need for paper and postage, which ensures a sustainable and future-ready service.
Process efficiency was a central focus during the development of eSafeguarding, allowing us to provide substantial cost savings compared to other online service providers.

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