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Bookmark is an education recruitment business providing comprehensive solutions for any role in the sector, from nursery through to higher education and including special educational needs.
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Why Partner with Bookmark

Being part of The Protocol Group, Bookmark benefits from a team of experts with over 28 years of experience in the field.

Bookmark offers a range of specialist services, including staff management and payroll services as well as online DBS checks.
We strongly believe that candidates are not just a number: we actively invest in their professional development and provide training opportunities to further their career ambitions.
At Bookmark, we believe that forging powerful, long-lasting partnerships with educational establishments is the best way to help them achieve their strategic recruitment goals.
Whether you’re an institution looking to quickly fill a role or a candidate searching for the perfect job, our services guarantee speed and accuracy, ensuring the best experience for both parties.
We can effortlessly take care of your recruitment compliance needs, a field we recognise is of utmost importance in education.
At our core lies innovation, collaboration, integrity and excellence. We are committed to fostering a transformative and inclusive educational experience to shape minds and change lives.


eSafeguarding is a market-leading provider of online DBS checks with speed, safety and security at its core and multiple cost-effective solutions available for a range of industries.
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The Value eSafeguarding Offers

eSafeguarding significantly simplifies and improves the DBS application experience thanks to cutting-edge technology, making the process effortless.
The eSafeguarding service reduces processing times, with four out of five of our applications being completed within three days, saving valuable time and resources.
eSafeguarding takes away the administrative burden of DBS processing, and comprises a range of customisation options and features to suit customers’ needs.
Built with efficiency at its core, eSafeguarding can offer great savings over other online DBS Checks providers.

The Stafflist

Why Choose The StaffList

The StaffList works in diverse industries, including Finance, IT, HR, Procurement, Logistics, Sales and Marketing, with extensive knowledge of each of these fields.
The StaffList’s approach is rooted in fostering meaningful relationships with both professionals and organisations, taking pride in crafting tailored solutions that effectively meet their needs.
The business’ offering extends to skills and training including apprentices, short courses and vocational courses to support candidates in achieving their goals.
The StaffList provides comprehensive solutions across various sectors, catering to all role types and all levels within these industries.

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