Our Culture
More than your average recruitment agency


Our clients trust us and rely on our expertise. Our integrity is a fundamental part of our past and future success. We stand out thanks to our professional conduct, honesty and openness.


We respect our clients and each other, treating people as individuals not numbers, and building long-term relationships. You can come to us for help and advice, anytime. We’re here for you.


We enjoy our work and find it rewarding. We foster a can-do attitude. Our company is one big family. We’re “Team Protocol”.

Person to Person Partnerships

There’s a misconception about the recruitment industry that we’re here to change. At The Protocol Group, we believe in building and maintaining positive relationships with candidates and clients, freely offering support and guidance whenever needed. We do this as people, to people, ensuring a personable connection (that means no generic auto responses!)


We’re a passionate and friendly team who work on a personal level, and so when you work with The Protocol Group, we consider your long-term career or recruitment needs, as well as addressing your more immediate needs.

A Team of Innovators

We are results-focused problem solvers, which means we’re always improving and finding new ways to support both clients with their recruitment needs or supporting candidates on their journey to finding the perfect new role.


The world of work, tech and business is continuously changing, and so we’re dedicated to make sure we’re always up to speed with the latest advancements, offering you access to the best possible solutions the industry has to offer!

We’re Vibrant, Energetic, and Passionate

Most importantly, we genuinely enjoy our work, and find helping our clients along their recruitment journey thoroughly rewarding. Each and every member of The Protocol Group team, across all our businesses, fosters a can-do attitude that drives us to deliver nothing short of brilliant for our customers. We can get the job done, but we can make it a fun and engaging experience, too!


Our company is one big family, aligned to our vision and values. We’re “Team Protocol.”

Your Path to Education Recruitment Excellence

We unlock a world of opportunities and empower education professionals to thrive in their careers.

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