The Positives of Invigilating: Become an Invigilator this Exam Season

Working as an invigilator is an opportunity for you to work in a part-time and flexible role with competitive pay, and as we approach exam season, the need for invigilators is rapidly increasing.

No specific qualifications are needed, and if you are looking for extra income this summer, then working as an invigilator could be the perfect solution.

Working as an invigilator: What’s involved?

When working as an invigilator, your role involves ensuring the integrity of exams by monitoring students during testing. This entails verifying their identities, enforcing exam rules, and addressing any issues or disruptions that may arise.

It is important to carry a professional demeanour throughout the process, remaining calm and paying attention to the environment to ensure that the exams run smoothly.

What are the benefits of being an invigilator?

Flexible work: Working as an invigilator offers unparalleled flexibility, allowing you to choose when you work. This fits perfectly with those looking for work alongside studying, for retirees seeking to stay active, or for someone with a full-time job looking for supplementary income.

Local work: With the number of opportunities available for invigilating around the UK, it means that you can find work close-by to where you live. This suits those unable to travel far, perhaps without a car, saving time and cutting costs in the process.

Part-time work: Invigilating is the ideal solution for people looking to find part-time work. With the rate of pay often being between £11 and £15 per hour, with some exams lasting between four to five hours, it is the perfect role to earn extra income.

Extra experience: The skills required for invigilating, such as having a professional manner and a high standard of attention to detail, are transferable across so many industries, meaning it is great experience to have listed on your CV to help when looking for other roles in the future.

How can you become an invigilator?

To find available roles as an invigilator, working alongside an education recruitment partner would allow you to find the most suitable opportunities tailored to your requirements.

With a large database of opportunities for potential roles, they can support you in finding invigilating roles in your area, at your preferred pay and for your preferred number of hours.

Work with The Protocol Group

You can work with us at The Protocol Group to find your next role as an invigilator, and our team of professionals will endeavour to support you throughout the process.

Get in touch with us today and we can discuss your next steps.

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