Making Recruitment Easy

The Protocol Group offers a market-leading service within the education recruitment industry, combining 28 years’ worth of heritage and experience to fuel its quality offerings which specialise in education recruitment, non-education recruitment, and compliance.

We believe that every recruitment journey is a personal and individual experience, and we aim to be the support and guidance for both our clients and candidates, with various services to enable a bespoke experience to suit their needs.

How we support our clients:

In order to support you as a client, we work with you to understand your long-term recruitment needs, ensuring we can source the most suitable people for your advertised roles.

We also have a thorough knowledge of the education sector, meaning we understand the pressures and challenges of the industry and how to tackle them and navigate them smoothly, so that you don’t have to.

How we support our candidates:

We want our candidates to be able to find their dream role, so we endeavour to consider your long-term career goals with the vision of helping you to achieve success.

Simply upload your CV to our database and we can take it from there, considering your qualifications and experience as well as the direction in which you would like your career to progress.

The Protocol Group: our exciting next chapter

At The Protocol Group, our invaluable expertise within the education industry is developing and expanding, and we have strengthened our offering to work in tandem with our three sub-divisions.

Bookmark, eSafeguarding, and The StaffList provide the relevant services to support both clients and candidates, creating a much more streamlined process for your recruitment needs.


As an expert in education recruitment, Bookmark provides a platform to find roles and to fill vacancies in any sector in the education industry, from nursery through to HE – and this includes non-teaching roles, too. You can find out more with our new website here, which offers a fresh and updated platform for you to browse.


When working with children or vulnerable adults, DBS checks are required, and eSafeguarding is the provider which ensures a safe, secure and speedy process to help you complete the necessary DBS checks. It has an updated website that offers a cleaner navigation to support the procedure, which you can find here.

The StaffList

The StaffList offers a non-education focused recruitment service, which spreads particularly across the following specialisms: finance, IT, HR, procurement, logistics, and sales and marketing. Turn to The StaffList for any of your recruitment needs, helping you to find the top talent for your roles whilst also helping you to discover the next up-and-coming job opportunity.

What makes us a leading recruitment provider?

Our recruitment knowledge: our in-depth knowledge of the recruitment sector, along with 28 years of experience, allows us to provide market-leading services with a fast and accurate turnaround.

Our expert compliance: through our partner, eSafeguarding, we supply high-quality compliance to ensure that DBS checks can be carried out as efficiently as possible, removing any unnecessary stress and complications.

Our candidate care: we place great importance on ensuring that our candidates are treated as individuals, building up a knowledge of their career aspirations in order to create a profile to support them in achieving their goals.

Our partnerships: we seek to build long-term strategic partnerships with the recruiting businesses and education establishments we work with, understanding their objectives and helping them achieve them with ease.

Do you want to know more? 

You can discover more information and gain access to all of these platforms here, where we have crafted a source which makes your life easier. 

We would also love to hear from you, so feel free to contact us with any questions and queries at: 01159111222 and  

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