Is Your College Prepared for Exam Season? The Crucial Role of Exam Invigilators

As exam season approaches, you may be considering how your college or education institution will be facing any such challenges that come with ensuring smooth and fair examinations for your students. Ensuring that exam procedures are followed meticulously and that students have the best possible environment to work in lies heavily with the duties of […]

What Job Industries Require You to Obtain a DBS Check?

When applying for certain job positions in the UK, you may encounter a requirement for a Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) check. Formerly known as a Criminal Records Bureau (CRB) check, a DBS check is a crucial aspect of the recruitment process for various industries. But what exactly is a DBS check, and which job […]

The Positives of Invigilating: Become an Invigilator this Exam Season

Working as an invigilator is an opportunity for you to work in a part-time and flexible role with competitive pay, and as we approach exam season, the need for invigilators is rapidly increasing. No specific qualifications are needed, and if you are looking for extra income this summer, then working as an invigilator could be […]

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