The Benefits of a Partnership Approach to Recruitment

Looking for the perfect job and finding the perfect candidate can prove to be a difficult task, requiring plenty of time, motivation, and resources, which is where a recruitment partner steps in.

Having the support and expertise of a team of professionals can not only speed the process along, but also ensure a much higher quality of outcome.

This blog explores the benefits for both establishments and candidates of working with a recruitment specialist.


You can reach more candidates:

A key benefit that comes with working with a recruitment company is that you can gain access to a wider pool of candidates.

Their extensive database of potential employees allows you to reach a much larger amount of people with the relevant skills, qualifications and experience, meaning that you will be able to target the best suited talent to the role on offer.

It is more cost effective:

Businesses that specialise in recruitment have the resources to be able to provide not only a high-quality service dedicated to matching the relevant candidates to roles, but the network of professionals on hand to help ensure a much more efficient service.

Without the need for your own recruitment team, working with a recruitment partner therefore creates a much more cost-effective method of finding the perfect fit for your role.

You can receive help through the entire process:

Recruitment partners are here to help you throughout the whole process when trying to hire your next candidate.  

From choosing the perfect candidate, to negotiating salaries and packages, to then making offers, recruitment partners are there to support you during the hiring process and ensure that everything runs smoothly and professionally.

Recruiters have the relevant resources:

Recruiters have the relevant resources in order to support you to a high standard. They are equipped to be able to keep up with the current trends and technologies used within recruitment, providing a more efficient experience in the process.

They are also specialised in understanding the recruitment journey, being able to better review CVs and cover letters, looking at the finer details with a more refined knowledge.


Access to the hidden job market:

Looking for a job can be a daunting task, and it can sometimes be difficult to find jobs on the market that match your criteria.

In fact, 80% of jobs are never posted publicly, meaning you would only be scratching the surface of what’s available with a traditional job-hunting method.

Recruiters have relationships with businesses and therefore have access to more potential jobs, expanding your search to a wider pool of potential roles.

Gain more knowledge of company:

When looking for jobs yourself, you can gain an understanding of the businesses you are applying to based on limited research, but a recruitment partner can provide much more insightful knowledge.

Working with the businesses more directly and closely enables them to obtain a deeper understanding of the business and its requirements in a candidate, which can be passed on to you to help improve your interview experience.

It saves you lots of time:

It is a time-consuming task when looking for a job – with the average job seeker spending 11 hours a week job hunting.

Having an agency to look on your behalf saves valuable time, as well as cutting out lots of time by flagging only the most relevant jobs to you, rather than searching through a larger pool of not-so relevant positions.

Gain constructive feedback:

Another large benefit about working with a recruitment partner is that they can supply invaluable advice about your CV and cover letter, along with interview tips.

Rather than sending out lots of applications with content that may not be up to scratch, take notes from the professionals who know what’s good, and what’s not, when applying for jobs.

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